Car Safety Tips

Car safety is so important for our family, but so many people forget about their furry friends. In an accident, unrestrained pets can become a projectile and injure occupants in the vehicle. Unrestrained pets are also more likely to become injured during an accident, just like people. Most states also have laws regarding dogs in READ MORE

Choosing The Right Harness

Choosing the right harness is important to ensure the best results. Different dogs benefit from different harnesses. Some harnesses are even problematic on some dogs. When choosing the right harness, it’s important to know the uses of each harness and your dog. Therefore we’ve written a basic rundown of the styles, uses and benefits of READ MORE

Our Short Guide to Proper Collar Fitting

When fitting a collar for your dog, it’s vital it fits just right. Too tight and your dog may choke. Too loose and he might slip off. Each collar type has slightly different fitting guides. To ensure proper collar fitting, read on to your dogs collar. Flat Collars Flat collars are the easiest to fit. Simply tighten the collar, leaving only enough room for 2 fingers to fit underneath it. Due to stretch and our dogs growing and changing, it is important to check for a proper fit every use. The width of your flat collar is also important for proper collar fitting. Small breeds like jack russles, etc. require thinner designed collars. Whereas large breeds and sight hounds benefit more from wider collars, 2.5cm or sometimes larger.  Slip Collars Slip READ MORE

Combat Boredom in Dogs with These Quick Games

Not everyone can be a stay at home dog owner. Life gets busy and our schedules are always full. Some days we just don’t have the time to walk half a marathon to prevent boredom in dogs. Unfortunantly, without the appropriate mental and physical stimulation our furry friends can become restless and destructive. To help READ MORE