Car Safety Tips

Car safety is so important for our family, but so many people forget about their furry friends. In an accident, unrestrained pets can become a projectile and injure occupants in the vehicle. Unrestrained pets are also more likely to become injured during an accident, just like people.

Most states also have laws regarding dogs in vehicles, such as (always check your state laws and regulations):

To ensure the safety of your family, other road users and your furry friend, you can:

  • Ensure your dog is securely restrained using a car seat belt. For added safety, attach the seatbelt to a roman harness, not a collar. Collars can cause damage to the neck when in an accident.
  • When traveling with your dog on a ute tray, use a reliable dog cage, ute tie or a chain link leash. Standard leashes may pose a risk to dogs whom chew through fabric/rope leashes.
  • Slip and martingale collars and roman harnesses are the safest to use when traveling with a dog in a ute tray. Proper fitting slip and martingale collars will prevent your dog from slipping his head through the collar.
  • Never Leave Dogs in Hot Cars. Dogs become dehydrated very quickly. Dogs don’t sweat like us, leaving them susceptible to heat stroke.
  • Ute Trays May Get Hot. To prevent burnt feet, line ute trays with carpet or another fabric.
  • Dogs in Trays are Exposed to the Elements. Having dogs in trays means they may be struck by tree branches or other debris. Dogs may also get sick if exposed to the rain.

Other Quick Tips

Always plan your trip when traveling with your dog to ensure they will be safe and happy. On hot days, leave your dog at home if you cannot wait in the car with them. Leaving water in the car is a good way to help prevent dehydration. At some McDonald’s, you can get free chilled water (ask for a small iced water). Other McDonald’s charge 0.50c-$1.00 depending on the size.


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