Choosing the Right Collar

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard choosing the right collar for your dog. It’s important to know the uses of different collars, to ensure you not only know how to use your new collar, but you choose the right one.

Flat Collar

Flat collars are the most popular type of collar. They are perfect for I.D tags and dogs who walk politely on leash. There are many to choose from, from thin designs, like our cobra collars or a wider design, like our trilobite collars suited for large, bully type breeds. When using flat collars, it’s important that you don’t pull. Pulling on the leash can cause dogs to pull back. Which may encourage or even teach them to pull. Flat collars are not recommended for dogs who pull.

Slip Collar

Slip collars are designed for dogs who pull, are still learning or need mild correction. These collars are best used by people who know how to work a slip collar and have proper timing when correcting dogs. In the wrong hands, these collars can cause damage and adverse affects for some dogs.

Slip collars are not meant to choke your dog. Instead they are used to offer a gentle ‘pop’, to discourage a dog from pulling on the lead. Slip collars are not suited for sighthounds as the may cause neck injuries if used inappropriately.

Martingale Collar

Martingale collars are a great option for sighthounds. They provide a similar slip effect to the slip collar, without tightening excessively. Since they tighten when pulled, they help prevent sighthounds slipping their collars.

Due to the humane design of the martingale collar, they have gained popularity with owners of other breeds and are highly recommended by dog trainers, as a training tool.

When choosing a collar, it is best to look into breed recommendations as some breeds require special pet wear. E.g. pugs should not be walked on collars, instead it is recommended you use harnesses. Sighthounds require wide collars to protect their neck, with either a martingale design or a design that allows the collar to sit high on the neck to prevent them slipping out.

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